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  • ➢Medical Protector: The waterproof cast and bandage protector for adult is suitable for everyday uses. This medical-grade arm protector has a watertight seal that keeps your cast or bandage dry and safe.
    ➢Thorough Protection: The waterproof cast protector is designed with an easy-to-apply ring that eliminates the need for straps, adhesive tapes, pumps or hook and loop closures. Wrap the ring over the cast to secure it.
    ➢Reusable Design: The waterproof bandage protector can also protect burns, lacerations, IVPICC lines and skin conditions from water and weather. The reusable cast protector does not tear or leak and provides reliable protection.
    ➢Convenient Application: Equipped with an easy-to-apply ring, it is easy to use. Simply grasp the ring and stretch the diaphragm over the cast or bandage. Gently pull the ring over the cast until the area is completely covered.
    ➢Product Specifications: Cast and bandage protector for adult arms in size Medium. It measures 12 inch long 

Keep NiceDry Cast & Bandage Protector 12 inch Blue Jay

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