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Come find the prescription medication you need at Arthur's Pharmacy & Medical Supply. Our knowledgeable and licensed specialists are ready to quickly prepare the medicines you require and answer any related questions. If you’re a new patient or need information regarding generic or OTC medicine, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Pharmacist Checking Medicine
Medicine Boxes


As a Farmacia based in San Francisco, our main role is providing you with medications prescribed to you by your doctors. To this end, we offer all our customers the most cost-effective options, such as generic brand equivalents to whatever they’re prescribed. We care for your health, and with our modern streamlined process, we're making it easy for you to stay healthy.


Refilling and transferring your prescriptions has never been this easy. With several options for customers like deliveries and automated procedures, we’re sure that once you decide to get your prescriptions at Arthur's Pharmacy & Medical Supply, you’ll never want to do it anywhere else. For specific information on transfers and refills, please give us a call.

Sorting Medicine
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