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Easy Wheelchair Rentals

Welcome to Arthur's Pharmacy & Medical Supply, where your mobility and comfort are our mission. We offer a convenient wheelchair rental service, perfect for temporary or short-term needs. With flexible options and quality products, we're here to support you every step of the way. Find the mobility solution you need today!

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Daily ($)

Weekly ($)

Monthly ($)

Standard Manual Wheelchair.jpg

Standard Manual Wheelchair

Manual Wheelchair 22 or 24 350lbs Wheelchair.png

Manual Wheelchair 22" or 24" 350lbs+ Wheelchair

Elevating Leg Rests w  Wheelchair Rental.jpg

Elevating Leg Rests w/ Wheelchair Rental

Transport Chair.jpg

Transport Chair

Walker w Wheels.jpg

Walker w/ Wheels

Knee Walker (Scooter).png

Knee Walker (Scooter)

Electric Mobility Scooter.jpg

Electric Mobility Scooter

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