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  • Weight Capacity: 375 Lbs. Seat Width: 21"; Wall Distance: 14" Verify all features and specifications in the images.
  • More than merely physically appealing, a really elegant and stylish recliner is the ideal fusion of comfort, style, and utility. VivaLift's Elegance Collection! These and more make up Power Recliners, which offer a comfortable spot to unwind with your family. This recliner is a wonderful addition to any home because of its plush fabric and contrast stitching.
  • When a product is delivered curbside, the trucking company parks in front of your house; you are still in charge of bringing the item inside. The driver doesn't help carry anything into the house.
  • Inside delivery refers to deliveries that are planned with the client over a four-hour period during regular business hours. The product is delivered inside the house and set up in the desired room on the main or second floor (either upstairs or downstairs). Items are unpacked, and packaging waste is taken out of your space. The necessary items are put together and powered on, taking no more than 15 minutes.

Pride ViVaLift Elegance V.2 Infinite Lay Flat Lift Chair (PLR975M)

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